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IRC Upgrades (and downtime) … [and other issues]

The IRC has been a bit dodgy the week due to some updates we’ve been working to push out.  As part of our irregular upgrade cycles, I’ve been working on getting Storm re-built and back online.  A large part of … Continue reading

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IRC Infrastructure change

The IRC network will be temporarily running off of mukipz.psych0tik.net while samurai makes some modifications to his infrastructure. The DNS name irc.psych0tik.net will be directed to mudkipz on the morning of Tuesday August 21, 2012. This is part of a … Continue reading

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Haikuports ii-1.6 package (with SSL!)

I’ve been playing with different operating systems on my netbook, trying to find a fun one to suite it  and I’ve come across Haiku (alpha3.)  It seems that Haikuports is the primary package manger Haiku and all it includes for … Continue reading

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Taking back your mobile phone

Remember 10 years ago when you were happy if your phone had the Snake game[0] or a color screen?  Now we’ve got all sorts of smart phones loaded with applications, media and functionality.  Recent news has shown these apps aren’t … Continue reading

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Storm updates and upgrades

Storm has been running for more than a year, working hard hosting the IRC, proxyElite and a GoogleSharing proxy. After all this time, she was well overdue for some updates.  After a month and a half of intermittent downtime Storm … Continue reading

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A couple bugfixes in ii v1.4

Since I discovered ii, I’ve been putting it through its paces and have come across a couple bugs in version 1.4.  The first bug is a slow file descriptor leak whenever messages are sent to channels or users with capital … Continue reading

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