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Updates to proxyElite: pE-API and fresher proxies

Over the last few months, I’ve been working to refine the beast that is proxyElite to provide more functionality and better results.  One of the key ingredients for that was the pE-API, an HTTP API to our proxy databases.   This … Continue reading

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psych0tik GSProxy updated to version 0.14

Just over a week ago version 0.14 of the GoogleSharing proxy server was released. The main update in this release was adding support for Google’s recently released encrypted services.  Now, when you use the SSL port on our (or any) … Continue reading

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The psych0tik network presents: proxyElite

After nearly 3 years of downtime, psych0tik is happy to bring you the new and improved proxyElite! We’ve spent the last few months completely rewriting the core code and redesigning the database to be more stable and reliable. Thusfar, we’ve … Continue reading

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psych0tik IRC downtime: resolved!

The psych0tik IRC is again available on the storm.psych0tik.net domain. Additionally, we’ve set-up irc.psych0tik.net (also port 6697, ssl required) as a CNAME to point to storm, allowing you to use either to connect to our IRC. We’ve made changes to … Continue reading

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psych0tik releases GoogleSharing proxy

A few weeks ago we released a post on staying anonymous online through the use of various configuration changes and Firefox add-ons. One of the Firefox add-ons mentioned was the GoogleSharing proxy add-on. This allows Firefox to reroute unauthenticated requests … Continue reading

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proxyElite moving to psych0tik

Those of you who’ve followed this site for a while may remember the proxyElite project that richo and I started a few years ago. The concept was to provide a list of fast, working, stable proxies by constantly checking the … Continue reading

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