psych0tik releases GoogleSharing proxy

A few weeks ago we released a post on staying anonymous online through the use of various configuration changes and Firefox add-ons. One of the Firefox add-ons mentioned was the GoogleSharing proxy add-on. This allows Firefox to reroute unauthenticated requests to Google services through a community proxy that hides your identity while you browse the internet. This add-on is still in beta, so we browsed the source and did a few tests with tcpdump to ensure that it was infact doing what it claimed to be.

GoogleSharing will reroute the following Google services (however, it can be configured not to reroute requests to specific services):

  • Maps
  • Groups
  • News
  • Video
  • Products
  • Images
  • Finance

This is a really neat concept for staying anonymous from Google. The proxy itself masks your IP address, cookies and other headers so that even while logged into other Google services, such as Gmail, searches are not linked to you. We validated this through the use of tcpdump [see figure 1 and 2(generated by Wireshark)] and you can also validate it based on the different appearance of Google web pages, including the link for “Sign Out” which reads “Sign In” with GoogleSharing enabled.

Figure 1 – GoogleSharing is disabled. We can see the lookup of via DNS and then the request (with the search string) being sent to an IP address returned from the DNS request

Figure 2 – GoogleSharing is enabled (however, not using SSL.) We can see the lookup of the psych0tik development proxy, storm, and the following request to storm’s IP address with the Google search.

You can access the psych0tik GoogleSharing proxy by adding it to your proxy list.

Proxy Server:

Non-SSL Port: 8080

SSL Port: 8443

If you choose to use the proxy in SSL mode (highly recommended), you will need to do the following:

  1. Browse to
  2. When prompted, add an exception for the SSL certificate
  3. Verify under GoogleSharing’s options for the psych0tik server that “use SSL” is enabled
  4. Enjoy!

If you have any questions or issues please contact a psych0tik staff member via our psych0tik IRC. We’ve established #googleshareproxy to provide general chat with regards to this service.

-psych0tik Staff

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14 Responses to psych0tik releases GoogleSharing proxy

  1. Happy user says:

    Just want to thank you guys for the googlesharing proxy :-)

  2. Dima says:

    Hi there!!
    I’m trying to go to and my FF 4 keeps on saying “The connection was interrupted” just like here
    I tried shutting down my antivirus and checked the connection settings in FF, nothing changed. What could cause it?

  3. samurai says:

    I’m not entirely sure what your issue is, but based on what debug steps you tried I’m curious if you are using our GSProxy with the GoogleSharing add-on for Firefox or if you’re trying to put our GSProxy into your network configuration as you would a regular HTTP proxy. GoogleSharing proxies require the client to be using the Firefox Add-on (found here.) I’ve tested our proxy under FF4 and haven’t had any issues yet.

    If you keep having problems, come find a staffer on the IRC or send a message to our psych0tik-list mailing list and we can help you sort out the problem.


  4. Dima says:

    samurai, I’d like to use your proxy for GS add-on, not as regular proxy. It works fine on my work computer (Win XP) on FF4, but, as you already aware, I experience the problem on my home computer (Win 7 x64) on FF4 as well.

    Well, seems I need to look into IRC first and then to make another attept to solve the issue

  5. samurai says:

    The only other common issue I’ve seen with the GSProxy is that the SSL certificate is invalid (self-signed) and until you allow it the GSProxy add-on won’t work properly. You also might want to verify your connectivity to storm, in case you aren’t getting the proper DNS A records back.

    On your home computer can you visit in the browser? If so, have you accepted the SSL certificate by clicking on the “I understand the risks” and the “Add exception” buttons? The exception is domain specific, so if you are using a different alias for our GSProxy, such as, you’ll need to follow that process for the domain you are using.


  6. Dima says:

    Sorry, I’m not so good in all that computer stuff. But yes, on my work computer I did exactly what you have just described, successfully, on my home one I can not do this due to the I mentioned above.

  7. djohnston says:

    “On your home computer can you visit in the browser? If so, have you accepted the SSL certificate by clicking on the “I understand the risks” and the “Add exception” buttons? The exception is domain specific, so if you are using a different alias for our GSProxy, such as, you’ll need to follow that process for the domain you are using.”

    I did just that, and accepted the certificate exception. I got the following error:

    “The request you issued is not authorized for GoogleSharing. Perhaps you need to upgrade your GoogleSharing Addon?”

    It is already updated and is the 0.21 version.

  8. Andy says:

    Thank you guys for the proxy, I didn’t found any on Google except the Original GoogleSharing Proxy which doesnt work at the moment

  9. Kimura says:

    Thanks for the alternate proxy. The main one ( has been down all day, and I *really* don’t want Google (or my ISP) knowing I’m image-searching for [REDACTED]. (It’s not what you think ;) But it’s still something I don’t want Them to know.)

  10. Tim says:

    Nice proxy, the only one on the net I’ve found so far. I decided to put up another one at (81/443), just to let you guys know. Keep up the good work.

  11. Tats says:

    I get the following message when looking up on google after installing and configuring the add-on:

    The proxy server is refusing connections
    Firefox is configured to use a proxy server that is refusing connections
    * Check the proxy settings to make sure that they are correct.
    * Contact your network administrator to make sure the proxy server is working.

    I got the same error with the other proxies though. If I go on I don’t have the error but I wonder if I go through the proxy at all in that case.

    I’m running Firefox 9.0.1 under OS X.

  12. Tim says:

    @Tats: did you give a try or any of the other servers listed at

  13. GoogleSharing Proxy says:

    Hi I have the Google Sharing Enabled on my lower right Add-on bar, with adblock plus & noscript in FF12.0 They all work pretty well together. I notice that Google still tries to track, altho with all these I feel fairly well protected. I also go into the tools tab regularly to look at new cookies & Google often re-installs one soon after I delete it when going to new webpages. I have YouTube, Facebook & other accounts like gozie & zippcast that play videos so I can’t block every instance of Google, but esp with noscript I can edit what’s allowed & eliminate whats not needed, on a page basis if needed. But lately Google Sharing Enabled will flash a warning that its been temporarily disabled with a moving warning notice, & it might say connection failed even tho nothing is happening to other open pages or anything else & even when not going to another page or website. I even blocked Google cookies temp, but still happens. In the last 3 hours it showed about 4 warnings, tho I quickly re-enabled it. Is there some new bot Google’s using or a work-around, or even some known malware ? Thanks for trying to offer any help or ideas.

  14. samurai says:

    I’m not sure off the bat what the problem is with that. I just tested my instance of it and it works fine. Can you provide the connection details you’ve got configured so I can see about reproducing?

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