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psych0tik domains are moving

As part of our general hatred of SOPA, psych0tik has made a few changes to our infrastructure. Initially, psych0.tk was configured as a mirror domain for psych0tik.net; as it is controlled outside the US it is further seperated from their … Continue reading

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CSI releases first in a new series of whitepapers

The Cyber Secure Institute (CSI), a group looking to raise awareness about cyber security, has released it’s first whitepaper in a new series about cyberwar. This whitepaper, written by retired USAF General Eugene Habiger, addresses the need for a new … Continue reading

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Paypal Shuts down the Hackers for Charity

It would seem in an attempt to keep fraud off Paypal, the Hackers for Charity (and Johnny himself) have been put in quite a pickle. While out in Kenya helping fight off the world’s problems, Paypal has gone ahead and … Continue reading

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Hackers For Charity

In one of my recent HFC emails, I read the following: “This month, I thought that it would be fun to partner up with Hackers for Charity in order to raise money for the people of Uganda. The Academy has … Continue reading

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America’s Cyber Defense… or lack there of

Over the past few years more and more news has arrisen about hacking becoming a part of warfare, however; it seems that though it has a tactical advantage and is a powerful resource for any government that uses it, it … Continue reading

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Reading Rainbow: Episode 3

Welcome back boys and girls, I have some great articles for you this week. Political Lobbying,.. the hacker way – An XSS vulnerability in Obama’s website was exploited to redirect visitors to Clinton’s website. Not the most difficult hack of … Continue reading

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