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I enjoy exploring interesting concepts in weird languages. I also like hacking on all of the things.

pwning bin2json

So OJ posted this pwnable that had evidently survived the BsidesCBR and Kiwicon CTFs and it got my interest. I haven’t really been CTFing actively for years, but I still occasionally enjoy pwning things, and I don’t remember if I’ve … Continue reading

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Let’s write a compiler in rust: pt1

In the tried and true tradition of building esoteric things to deal with brainfuck, nelhage nerdsniped me into writing a brainfuck compiler in rust. I’m gunna gloss over tons of stuff, and only write about the interesting parts. I’m also … Continue reading

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Programming is literally the hardest thing

A conversation on the twitter really got me thinking, both about programming as a profession, the human obsession with winning at everything (Up to and including failing at life), and much though it kills me to say this, privilege. The … Continue reading

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Heartbleed, psych0tik edition

As per the rest of the internet, our collective jaws fell through the floor when Heartbleed was disclosed. First and foremost- our IRC server was not vulnerable. At present, the only live IRC node is magikarp, owned and run my … Continue reading

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Caffeine napping for glorious success

Toward the end of my biphasic experiment I started experimenting with caffeine napping- I don’t remember where I originally got the idea, but there are plenty of plausible sounding posts on the internets. Basically, the routine is simple. Wait till … Continue reading

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For the last couple of days, I’ve been hacking on something shiny for pebble. Being able to control music on my phone is cool, but I often listen to music on my laptop while wandering around the house, and I … Continue reading

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