Where can I get assistance or ask questions about the psychotik netwrk?

The best places to get information about the psych0tik network are the mailing lists (psych0tik-list@psych0tik.net) or on the IRC (#psych0tik.)  If you have an urgent question or want it directed only at the psych0tik staffers, please used the staff address (staff@psych0tik.net) or find one of the staffers on the IRC and message them directly.

I found a bug! Where can I report it?

You can report any issues you come across on the psych0tik network directly to the staff (staff@psych0tik.net) or by submitting a ticket to our trac instance.

What’s all this talk about privacy versus anonymity?

The psych0tik network puts an emphasis on helping achieve both privacy and anonymity on the internet.  Our goals are to provide both as pervasively as possible across our network.

Privacy is your right to protect information you share on our network.

Anonymity is your right to not be associated with actions on our network.

In many cases we do log basic information about you, such as your IP address as part of regular logging, but we do our best not to associate this with certain activity such as your messages on our IRC.  While we cannot always provide an environment where your information isn’t collected, indirectly or directly, we strive to publish a comprehensive list of what is collected where and how it’s used.  This allows the user to take proper precautions to defend their data.

Is there a comprehensive list of privacy policy statements?

There sure is!  If you’re too lazy to dig through each part of each site, you can also found a list here.

I don’t see a privacy statement for a part of psych0tik, why is that?

We’re still in the process of pulling together privacy statements for all of the services we run, so it’s possible we simply haven’t gotten to that part yet.  Another possibly is that we thought we already had, and it’s been forgotten.  Let us know if you find something that’s lacking a privacy statement and we’ll make sure it’s on the list we’re working on.

Am I free to create my own channel on the psych0tik IRC?

Definitely!  As long as you aren’t abusing the services we provide with our IRC, you’re welcome to create your own channels.

What does psych0tik mean when they use the term ‘hacker’?

We use the terms hacker or hacking throughout our network and while in some cases it is referencing security (or anti-security), we generally use these terms to denote some deviation from the typical usage of something.

What is the psych0tik motto?

use a hammer.