Current Projects

Current Projects

Privacy Documentation:

As part of our privacy goal, we are working to gather detailed privacy statements for each service and server we offer to the public.  The completed statements can be found on this page.  Those in queue are:

  • Each IRC server’s specific logs (with pages on this blog and the server’s banner)
  • New services/applications as we create them
  • others? (if you don’t see one on the list here, it’s possible we forgot it. Let us know!)


Archived Projects


proxyElite is one of our larger projects and therefore we have many pieces of it moving in and out of development.  Below is a listing of current sub-projects as well as their status.

  • An API for accessing the proxyElite data (on-going, partially released here)
  • Distributed proxy checking (on-going)
  • IPv6 proxies (planned)
  • Greater detail on each proxy we’ve been tracking (planned)
  • Meta information on proxies (planned)
  • More functionality on the site  (on-going)