Server List:

Server Ports Location Details 6697 Any SSL, IPv6, IPv4, RoundRobin 6697 Netherlands SSL Only, IPv4, IPv6

In addition to the specific server names above, you can connect to on v4, and usually on both v4 and v6) on port 6697 with SSL.  We keep this CNAME pointed at our most stable server.  Using this domain in your irc client configuration will ensure that even if a specific server goes offline, you will still be provided an active node.  We’ve also provided alternative DNS entries that are not reliant upon, as we’ve had minor issues before with those records.

Privacy notice:

When connected to the psych0tik IRC servers, your communications are protected by SSL; however, be aware that public channels contain a variety of users many of whom may be logging the conversation.  Additionally, client-as-a-service providers, such as Mibbit, may be able to subvert the protection provided by our SSL requirements.

When connected, your IP address/hostname is “cloaked” so that other users cannot view this information.  IRC Operators (staffers) are able to see beyond the cloak, but do not have the ability to read private messages or join rooms without users being aware (stealth mode is disabled.)  Finally, your IP address/hostmask may be recorded by our IRCd as part of it’s usual logging.  Connecting to the psych0tik IRC indicates that you understand these conditions.