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QuickBlog: Trac, SVN, Python and threads

It’s been a long time since I’ve done any reasonable blogging.  Between work and life, my plate has be been full and the last thing on my list usually is “write a blog about stuff you’ve done.”  More times than … Continue reading

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~/.subversion in svn

I have to do this way more often than I’d like, my home directory lives in svn, and my svn config comprises part of my home directory. The upshot is that subversion likes to make blank data if none already … Continue reading

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Vanishing Point: HTTP Optimizer

For work I built an HTTP Optimizer: Vanishing Point. It’s a framework that accepts plugins, so that custom optimization engines can be built for different file types. Currently I have released a CSS and Javascript optimizer plugin. Both implement packers/miniifiers … Continue reading

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