About psych0tik

What is the psych0tik network and why did we start it?

The psych0tik network is an umbrella organization created to support various projects related to security, privacy, anonymity and general computer tom-foolery.

The psych0tik network allows for the general public to benefit from our research and experimentation and provides the added effect of giving staffers a real user base to test and explore those projects.  By pooling our resources, time and varied knowledge we’ve been able to increase our output and regularity. We learn from each other and become resources to each other.

Above all, it’s more fun. This last point is likely the most accurate and
shouldn’t be overlooked. We enjoy hacking at computers and doing it together
is even better.

Where is the psych0tik network now?

The psych0tik network is currently running on 4 public servers and offers a variety of services including an IRC network, mailing lists, blog, http proxy lists and a GoogleSharing proxy.  Some of these are on-going projects that the staff are working to add more content or functionality to.  Additionally, we are always trying to find new, interesting projects to add to the psych0tik network.

You can view the list of official on-going and planned projects here.

When did we create the psych0tik network?

Psych0tik started as a single IRC server being run on an old computer out of richo’s home.  This original server was set up to avoid the potential privacy and anonymity  issues with chatting on servers run by 3rd parties such as AIM or MSN.  After a few years of private use by a small number of individuals, richo decided to open the psych0tik IRC up to the public so that others could benefit from it.

With this new regular use it became clear that psych0tik needed an overhaul.  Another server was setup with a more stable connection by only.Samurai, who joined the psych0tik staff along with CarbonLifeForm.   Along with upgrades to the IRC and the new staffers, psych0tik absorbed the SamuraiNet blog and the proxyElite project.  As part of the growth from a project in richo’s basement to a larger group with multiple projects, we re-branded psych0tik as the psych0tik network.  We’ve since added more servers into our collective, to support a growing number of projects.

The psych0tik network was officially launched with the release of the psych0tik blog on January 13, 2010, marked by a blog post and the end of SamuraiNet.

Who runs the psych0tik network?

The psych0tik network is operated and maintained by the internet nomads known as CarbonLifeForm, only.Samurai, and richo.

How can you help?

We’re always open to new ideas or suggestions and the best way to get those to us is through our psych0tik-list mailing list.  Post a message there and the community can develop the idea and a staffer can implement it.