Presenting the psych0tik network…. sort of

And so it begins. We’d like to present to you the beginning of the psych0tik network, a community of security conscious computer experimenters. We say the “beginning” of psych0tik as this isn’t a full release, rather a pre-release and beta. We’ve been working for the last 6 months to get a number of projects pulled in under the umbrella of psych0tik. Currently, we have 2 services ready for launch, a few sitting at around 80% completion, and a half dozen or so “on the whiteboard.”

We’re doing this pre-release to stabilize our IRC so that our faithful users can finally enjoy uninterrupted conversations. We’ve started from scratch, built a new server with a new IRCd, added in services and even did a bit of testing. We’re now releasing the first node of the psych0tik irc, storm, for beta testing. The testing on this node will help us iron out any defects in our configuration or add any additional features we may want before then rolling that out to a 2nd node.

You can connect to the psych0tik irc with any SSL capable IRC client (e.g. irssi, xchat2) at on port 6697

>/connect -ssl 6697

This blog will be the source for psych0tik news, research results, random rants, and most other current happenings. The main site, when released, will act more as a central hub for all the projects and provide high level overview of each.

In the weeks to come we’ll be working towards our full release, which will add the following to the psych0tik network:

  • a main site
  • proxyElite
  • the additional irc node

-psych0tik staff

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