IRC outage (2015-04-15)

Through a ridiculous series of events and incredibly poor luck (read: I hope it’s not incompetence) our VPS provider is experiencing power issues. You can follow along at TransIP’s , some of you may need to hunt down a babelfish.

Updates will be available through this post and through the psych0tik twitter.

Since I can’t make it go, I’m going to take a shower instead.

Update@2015-04-15 03:11 UTC:
Some systems are returning to service but we don’t have VPS control panel yet. I might recommend a good pair of jumper cables to them soon.

Update@2015-04-15 05:26 UTC:
Refresh; still nothing; repeat. I might sleep first and get everything running first thing in the morning. I’ll give them another 30 minutes.

Update@2015-04-15 06:19 UTC:
IRC is back!

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