Psych0tik’s global privacy goal

Privacy is one of the core principles that the psych0tik network was founded on.  The psych0tik staffers are committed to being as open about any potentially personal information collected, what we gather, and where it goes.  In an effort to practice what we preach, we’ve tried to organize our privacy statements as transparently as possible.

We do in many cases log non-anatomized data in the form of security or service logs; however unless otherwise stated, we do not directly link personal data with identifying logs.  In many cases, the psych0tik network is not inherently anonymous as many services log connection IP addresses for security purposes, but if this concerns you we encourage you to take advantage of services like tor or the use of proxies.

As we cannot guarantee privacy and anonymity throughout our network and a single privacy statement could not cover the entirety of psych0tik’s offerings, we provide granular privacy statements for each service offered by psych0tik.  Through these more specific statements, the staff hopes to provide an understanding of how personal or identifiable data may be processed.  It is our hope that this will allow our users to use psych0tik in a way that protects their privacy best.

Privacy statement for this site

Psych0tik’s main site records your IP address, user agent as well as querystrings as part of regular web server logs.  These logs may be stored for later inspection.  The main site also employs WordPress Stats for trending and Akismet to help block comment spam.  Related data may be sent to these third parties.  Activity flagged as malicious by our monitoring tools may be subject to additional logging.

This site is hosted on a server owned by a 3rd party host.  The 3rd party host may have access to the aforementioned logs and may have additional logging that we are unaware of.

Other privacy statements:

  • Privacy information for this site can be found in the section above
  • Privacy information for the psych0tik IRC can be found at the bottom of this page.

We’re still in the process of pulling together a comprehensive list of privacy statements, so bare with us as we collect the necessary information (and find all the places we need one.)

If you have other questions, have found a project or service lacking a privacy statement, or have discovered a place where the statement is incorrect – please let us know via the IRC (#psych0tik) or on the mailing lists (