The psych0tik domain parking host

Over the years we at the psych0tik network have amassed a number of domains.  Some of these, such as or, were previously used to provide our services, while other domains have never seen real use.  Like the proper techno-hoarders we are – we have refused to give up even the completely unused domains.

In an attempt to get some value out of these useless domains, I’ve set up one of our less active hosts to act as a domain parking IP address[1]. We will be using this IP address to host very basic advertising content, in an attempt to generate some value from the domains we refuse to give up.

The psych0tik network has never, and will never, show advertisements or 3rd party content on our public services – and we don’t intend to start now.  Instead, we will be pointing these domains at our new domain parking server and hosting advertising content exclusively on that host, to avoid including potentially undesirable content on any psych0tik services.  Any income generated from these services, or our other “support psych0tik” options, will be used to offset our operating costs or expand our operations.

[1] Domain parking hosts are typically used by registrars or other wholesalers to redirect any unsold domains to a single IP address.  This IP address usually shows advertisements for either the registrar or affiliates.


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