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A look at PHP session write locks

Recently, I was working on a web application in which we were passing PHP session IDs around to emulate users.  As a result, the app experienced severe slowness on page load as well as in a few other places.  Upon … Continue reading

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PHP + xdebug

Since starting my new job, I’m increasingly trying to debug what can only be described as an epic clusterfuck of spaghetti php. To make this easier I stumbled upon xdebug, and wouldn’t you know it, one of the best clients … Continue reading

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Odd bugs and the case of an aging database

I was doing some troubleshooting recently trying to fix some issues reported in the Captcha of a registration system. The Captcha wasn’t always properly displaying and wouldn’t recognize valid code entries intermittently. After tracing some of the PHP to find … Continue reading

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Reading Rainbow: Episode 7

In the wake of so many ISP’s getting away with murder and the government looking the other direction it’s good to see that Florida is stepping in and fining Version for poor response time. http://news.cnet.com/Florida-…00-1036_3-6239655.html?tag=html.alert.hed This is a great video … Continue reading

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Vanishing Point: HTTP Optimizer

For work I built an HTTP Optimizer: Vanishing Point. It’s a framework that accepts plugins, so that custom optimization engines can be built for different file types. Currently I have released a CSS and Javascript optimizer plugin. Both implement packers/miniifiers … Continue reading

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This is my first build of the php version of pwlib. Nothing is quit set in stone yet and for all I know I might scrap the whole thing. This should be enough to see how it will interface. If … Continue reading

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