Reading Rainbow: Episode 7

In the wake of so many ISP’s getting away with murder and the government looking the other direction it’s good to see that Florida is stepping in and fining Version for poor response time.…00-1036_3-6239655.html?tag=html.alert.hed

This is a great video for both optimizing and securing your Windows XP system. It shows exactly how to disable five services you probably don’t need to be running.

If you have ever had the “Warning: Using insecure memory” message display when using a tool such as GnuPG this article is for you. Not only does it explain exactly what that means it also goes into how to prevent the problem.

Panda security has now launched thier Security as a Service for businesses. Among other services they will be offering: outsourcing of infrastructure, automated updates and patching, compliance checks, risk management, and remote management tools.

I read this post on a friend of mine’s blog and thought it was rather useful. I’ve had PHP scripts running on cron before that had exactly this problem. They would lock up after a while and before I knew it, I had about 15 “undead” PHP processes just eating up my CPU. What was worse was that my shared host only allowed each user 15 processes at the same time, so slowly but surely the rest of my sites would go down.

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