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Resolving awkward merges

On my way home tonight I went to ship a feature on groundstation that’d been hanging around for a while. Lots of work had happened on both sides, and so when I went to merge it, I was greeted by … Continue reading

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richo’s 12 days of haxmas: pt3

After vanishing off the radar for a few days, I can now unveil groundstation. Born of a discussion at work about how all existing solutions to issue tracking and project management pretty much suck, and my natural flair for finding … Continue reading

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richo’s 12 days of haxmas: pt1

Leaving work on friday to take a few days off, rather than relaxing and drinking like most at this time of year, I had a few ideas for projects I’d like to realise. At some point on the first night, … Continue reading

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Git stashing, and why you do it too much

First of all, this workflow depends entirely on an (rarely un)spoken rule in my repositories- if it’s in the wip/ or trash/ tree, don’t touch it. I’m planning on rebasing with impunity. I stash a lot at work, especially when … Continue reading

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