richo’s 12 days of haxmas: pt1

Leaving work on friday to take a few days off, rather than relaxing and drinking like most at this time of year, I had a few ideas for projects I’d like to realise.

At some point on the first night, it occurred to me that a ridiculous but potentially achievable feat might be to build a thing for every day I’m off work. I’ve already missed that goal, but keeping in spirit, I’ll be posting things as they come off the ranks. I’m starting late, and I’ve already gotten a few to a point where they’re worth talking about, so hopefully this will be enough filler to allow me to post daily until I go back to work. Which brings us to..


A while ago I started geotagging my commits with a post-commit hook and a tool called whereami. I silently collected some (massively skewed- due to an oversight on my part) data for a while, and then remembered about it recently when lars whom I work with kindly offered to do some plotting magics in R.

He came up with this:

Where richo goes to code

Which ultimately inspired me to start looking into this again and produce a more general solution.

I built in reasonably short order the next day. Right now it’s basically just a thin layer around redis which allows you to upload pairs of “commit location” pairs and have them transparently stored in redis.

Before the break is over I intend to built on the side of the github API to allow for selecting all the locations (both as a set and as a distribution) for a given rev-list or branch, fetched directly from github’s API or passed straight into mapgit, and export them in a format that R likes for easy plotting.

So far it’s quite barebones, but I’m happy with how it turned out for only a few hours invested.

Until tomorrow, Happy Haxmas all.

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I enjoy exploring interesting concepts in weird languages. I also like hacking on all of the things.
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