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I enjoy exploring interesting concepts in weird languages. I also like hacking on all of the things.

Resolving awkward merges

On my way home tonight I went to ship a feature on groundstation that’d been hanging around for a while. Lots of work had happened on both sides, and so when I went to merge it, I was greeted by … Continue reading

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Natalya is shutting down

After a few years of faithful service (Can you believe it’s been 5 years? I just renewed the domain yesterday. 5 years!) it’s natalya’s time to rest. Ongoing issues with the webhosts, and basically a reshuffle of where I … Continue reading

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Bower is fucked

Or alternately, front end infrastructure is fucked. I decided to port groundstation to use bower for it’s frontend assets this evening. Technically, the component in question is airship, but that’s irrelevant. I need to pull in bootstrap, jquery, backbone and … Continue reading

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Explicitly testing race conditions

This post relates to programming in general, but specifically to Python (because that’s where I’m working at the moment). I’ve been working on groundstation lately, which leverages git as it’s storage backend, but also assumes that all operations are threadsafe … Continue reading

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Another sleeping experiment

I’d like to discard time for a week. This year I’ve decide to embark more on a quest to explore sleep, and the way I experience it personally. It’s something I’ve struggled with as long as I remember, and I … Continue reading

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NAT Traversal, peer discovery and the stark realisation that you’re an idiot

In my last post I unveiled groundstation, a supremely pre-beta cut of a tool I’m building to automagically sync objects in several git repos with any and all nearby peers. Up until tonight, I had been testing with two laptops, … Continue reading

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