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I enjoy exploring interesting concepts in weird languages. I also like hacking on all of the things.

Richo does DEF CON

This year was the first year that the core team were all in the same place, and it was about as monumental as you’d expect. I met up with carbon and samurai at the airport on thursday night and headed … Continue reading

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richo is now richo in one more place

My github username has changed, so if anyone is linking to my repos: 1. Tell me, I can fork the project to richoH to keep the links working for now 2. Fix the link! Just change richoH to richo

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threaded mutt on OSX

Just a warning- brace yourselves. I’m back on OSX as a result of the new job, and so a slew of “OSX is dicks” posts is probably on the horizon. First up- homebrew is actually not all that bad. It … Continue reading

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Using Oauth outside of the webapp domain

Recently at work we had a R&D day during which Josh Benham and I worked on a cli interface to github. We knew immediately that we didn’t want to use basic auth, obviously preferring the oauth library which is significantly … Continue reading

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Displaying the current repo in your prompt

I tend to nest repos a lot in my usual workflow (The common elements are generally ~/code/ext/[repo], but with the pull_ext infrastructure I wrote, >5 levels of nesting are not uncommon). To work around this, I wanted my prompt to … Continue reading

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Openbox gets a faux-Divvy mode

Openbox For some time now I’ve used openbox as my WM of choice (I worked it out the other day, it’s about a year since I migrated) and apart from needing to add one feature, it meets my needs pretty … Continue reading

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