Hackers For Charity

In one of my recent HFC emails, I read the following:

“This month, I thought that it would be fun to partner up with Hackers
for Charity in order to raise money for the people of Uganda. The
Academy has offered to donate $1 to Hackers for Charity for every user
that registers for a free account at www.theacademy.ca for the entire
month of November. If you’re a registered user already please forward
this email or post it on a blog. Anything you can do to spread the
word would be greatly appreciated. Let’s try to make a substantial
donation to charity this month. Thanks everybody!”

As this seems like a good cause, I thought I’d repost it here. You don’t even have to be active, just register.


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  1. regedit says:

    jonny i hack stuff.. with the GD google database

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