Google’s ‘Chrome’ released…

Google has recently released it’s browser ‘Chrome‘ for beta testing. After playing around with it a bit, I liked the shiny look of the interface, but it just doesn’t stack up to Firefox, yet. I do worry about the implications of using a browser developed by Google, being that Google is known for keeping large amounts of data on it’s users. A ‘Google Browser’ when integrated with with Gmail and Google itself could provide the internet giant with a new level of understanding of it’s users.

Interestingly, within days of it’s release Chrome has already been exploited. A simple exploit allows files, including executables, to be downloaded without any prompt. Milw0rm has provided the proof-of-concept for such an exploit.

Happy browsing!

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  1. Daniel says:

    I can’t remember where the article was (try Ars Technica?) but the exploit is because Google used an older version of WebKit that did not have the fix for this vulnerability.

    The article went on to mention the history of the exploit and how Apple downplayed the seriousness of the issue and took close to 3 months to patch it.

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