Reading Rainbow: Episode 3

Welcome back boys and girls,

I have some great articles for you this week.

Political Lobbying,.. the hacker way – An XSS vulnerability in Obama’s website was exploited to redirect visitors to Clinton’s website. Not the most difficult hack of the year by far, but still entertaining.

Hackers For Hire – News Corp. has been accused of hiring a hacker to do monetary damage to Dish Network Corp.

Interview with Matt Mullenweg – Matt Mullenweg gives his views on the future of WordPress as well as the internet social scene. (The video has alot of background noise, but is worth a watch)

Cyber-warfare – Cyber security students entered in the NSA’s competition must defend their networks from the NSA’s top hackers.

How green is green? – Is that printer you just bought “green enough” or was it another marketing scam?

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