psych0tik domains are moving

As part of our general hatred of SOPA, psych0tik has made a few changes to our infrastructure.

Initially, was configured as a mirror domain for; as it is controlled outside the US it is further seperated from their draconian infrastructure and policy making, and in the event of things going sour should allow us to stay reachable while we sort things out and keep you posted.

The second change is moving registrars. Previously we had been with godaddy, but in light of godaddy’s support of SOPA (Good explanation here) we have migrated to I recommend that any of you with domains registered at godaddy do the same.

The final point is that while the domain transfer should be seemless, there could potentially be a hickup. In that event that this happens, we’ll keep our twitter account @psych0tiknet updated.

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I enjoy exploring interesting concepts in weird languages. I also like hacking on all of the things.
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5 Responses to psych0tik domains are moving

  1. samurai says:

    I’ll also be moving the domains I control, which includes, away from GoDaddy. As with the other psych0tik related domains, keep posted by our twitter or the psych0tik-news mailing list for updates and changes. is tracking the number of domains pledged to be removed. If you’ve got GoDaddy domains as well, take a look and see if you’d like to join in the fun :)


  2. infopirate says:

    very niice.

  3. goluhaque says:

    Haha nice. Especially that 21000 domains transferring FROM GoDaddy in a single day.

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