psych0tik GSProxy updated to version 0.14

Just over a week ago version 0.14 of the GoogleSharing proxy server was released. The main update in this release was adding support for Google’s recently released encrypted services.  Now, when you use the SSL port on our (or any) GoogleSharing proxy server, the traffic is  end-to-end encrypted to prevent snooping GSProxy administrators.

We updated our GoogleSharing server ( 8080/8443) a few days ago and are now running version 0.14.  You can find more information about GoogleSharing’s end-to-end encryption here.

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2 Responses to psych0tik GSProxy updated to version 0.14

  1. ANDY says:

    2nd Jan 2011
    googlesharing disabled has been temporarily disbled due to connectivity failure


  2. admin says:

    There was an issue with connectivity, but it is now resolved. Please be sure you are using also, rather than

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