The psych0tik network presents: proxyElite

After nearly 3 years of downtime, psych0tik is happy to bring you the new and improved proxyElite!

We’ve spent the last few months completely rewriting the core code and redesigning the database to be more stable and reliable. Thusfar, we’ve been very happy with the results. The proxyElite web application itself is definitely in an infantile state as far as development and design, but we wanted to bring you usable proxy results sooner rather than later.

Features of the new proxyElite include:

  • Dynamically updated proxy databases – new proxies are loaded automatically
  • Multiple methods for verifying proxy’s usability – to improve accuracy
  • A proxy detector tool – to help determine how noticeable the proxy you are using is
  • Extensible design – more modules for growing and updating proxy lists are easily added (and some are already in development)

While we’ve done a fair amount of testing on our development server to make sure this code is production-ready, it is still beta code. If you see something that looks broken, wrong, or otherwise out of place – please let us know!

You can check out the new site, at the old address:

~psych0tik staff

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