IRC Upgrades (and downtime) … [and other issues]

The IRC has been a bit dodgy the week due to some updates we’ve been working to push out.  As part of our irregular upgrade cycles, I’ve been working on getting Storm re-built and back online.  A large part of this process involved adding Storm back to the IRC network.

Following psych0tik standard operating procedure, this was procrastinated and when I finally got around to doing it, we discovered magikarp had file system corruption and required a reboot and fsck.  With the magikarp splashing around ineffectively, we pointed to (a mostly unconfigured) Storm.  Shortly there after, we brought magikarp back online, hashed out the final issues with linking, and connected the two.

During magikarp’s reboot, our services database was corrupted and due to lack of backups (lazy.jpg), we’ve had to revert back to a version from about 6 months ago.  We apologize for this inconvenience.

With that all said, we do have a shiny new IRC node to connect to.  Now that Storm is back and functional, I’ll be working to restore some of the services that have been absent for the last few months.  This will include proxyElite and our GoogleSharing proxy.

Our recommended IRC domain,, has been re-pointed at magikarp and users who wish to use a US-based server (or otherwise desire to use Storm instead) should connect directly to  As always, you’ll need to use SSL on port 6697 is required.

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