IRC Infrastructure change

The IRC network will be temporarily running off of while samurai makes some modifications to his infrastructure. The DNS name will be directed to mudkipz on the morning of Tuesday August 21, 2012.
This is part of a project to update the overall infrastructure of the psychotik IRC network. The new server is running an updated ircd and your existing IRC accounts are still valid. Mudkipz will be reachable over IPv4 and soon by IPv6 as soon as the firewall rules are amended to allow it.

Valid hostnames are:

Note: All psych0tik IRC servers are SSL only.

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4 Responses to IRC Infrastructure change

  1. ipirate says:

    cant get thru to any of these.. 9/8/12 @ 3pm ct.

  2. richo says:

    It all looks good for me, can you post up what you’re resolving these hostnames to?

  3. ipirate says:

    Attempting to connect to “”. Use /cancel to abort.
    [INFO] Connecting to irc://,needpass (irc://,needpass)… [Cancel]
    [ERROR] Error creating socket.

    =( thanks richo.

  4. spyware says:

    Might want to add that ssl is required, and that it’s running on the default port (6697).

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