Haikuports ii-1.6 package (with SSL!)

I’ve been playing with different operating systems on my netbook, trying to find a fun one to suite it  and I’ve come across Haiku (alpha3.)  It seems that Haikuports is the primary package manger Haiku and all it includes for IRC options is a broken echat package.  Haiku comes stock with Vision, a GUI client, but it doesn’t support SSL.  As I’m new to both Haiku and porting software, I figured I’d pick something small and simple that I was already familiar with – so I pulled down the source code to my friend ii.

After a few hours trying to sort out where Haiku stored the needed headers, feeling out the differences in those headers, and trying to conform to the new build environment I had a working IRC client with SSL support.  To save myself and others the frustration of doing this again, I took a look at Haikuports’ package system (a simple directory structure and shell script) and made ii-1.6 a package.

Too add this package to your system, untar the package taraball under net-irc (in my case this is /boot/develop/haikuports/net-irc/.)  Then to install, use one of the following commands:

For the SSL version: haikuporter –install ii-1.6-ssl –yes

For the non-SSL version: haikuporter –install ii-1.6 –yes

Things don’t seem to have that many moving parts, so assuming you haven’t gone wild and moved directories around I believe this should work on any Haiku Alpha3 system with Haikuports.


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