A couple bugfixes in ii v1.4

Since I discovered ii, I’ve been putting it through its paces and have come across a couple bugs in version 1.4.  The first bug is a slow file descriptor leak whenever messages are sent to channels or users with capital letters in the name.  The second bug prevents long commands that share a first letter with ii-specific commands from being run.  For example, /l tells ii to part the current channel, which blocks /list from being passed through.

This patch fixes two bugs within ii and has been submitted to the suckless crew.  I’ve tested this patch with both the ssl and autojoin patches, and it seems to work fine with them.  For more information, check out the README.

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  1. samurai says:

    These patches were merged in to ii in version 1.5 (with a bug), and then fully fixed in 1.6.

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