New irssi script: auto server ng

Faced with a regular issue (at the moment I’m teaching myself perl for hacking at irssi scripts, and ruby (on rails) for work) I often find myself joining #ruby, #rubyonrails, #perl etc.. but on top of these and a few other channels they’re spread across a bunch of servers, and I can’t always remember which one I want.

I wanted a script so that I could just /join #channel and irssi would sort itself out. There was already a script for this (shabble’s auto-server here) but I felt that having to enter the configuration info twice was a bit painful.

To this end I set to hacking at it’s configuration system to pull the data from the list modified with the CHANNEL family of commands, and in doing so found some (more) shortfalls in irssi, but that could be worked around with the glorious, glorious hackery of Wouter Coekaerts here I found a workaround and submitted the work upstream.

The upshot is that you can download the script from here or get the source directly from the original author’s project page at github

A pretty simple install again, load the script, and /join+ #channel

Because I’m truly and monumentally lazy, I aliased /j+ to it as well.

As always, feedback and comments are welcome.

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