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I enjoy exploring interesting concepts in weird languages. I also like hacking on all of the things.

psych0tik domains are moving

As part of our general hatred of SOPA, psych0tik has made a few changes to our infrastructure. Initially, was configured as a mirror domain for; as it is controlled outside the US it is further seperated from their … Continue reading

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Transparent logging socks proxy in bash

It’s a quick one, but something I bashed (haha, get it?) up quickly for a coworker. First, make a socket Then bind a listening socket (Your netcat implementation may need -p before the port), tee the data back to your … Continue reading

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psych0tik apt repo – powerpc support

On impulse I built myself a debian powerpc machine, which of course meant basking in the glory that is my metapackage environment that makes it stupid simple to set up new machines, however to my horror it all fell apart … Continue reading

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Rapid setup of new machines

There are tons of solutions about for rapidly deploying new infrastructure (chef, puppet, blueprint, babushka- the list is nigh on endless), however for a collection of home machines there are few options that support updating as frequently and mixing and … Continue reading

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Hackathon begins

In just a few scant hours our hackathon will begin. I’m currently working on setting up the radio, we hope to see you all in #hackathon on the IRC network.

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First psych0tik hackathon

psych0tik will be hosting it’s first hackathon on the weekend of the 24th of September! We’re passionate about hackery and want to dedicate a weekend to it. For those not familiar with the term, a hackathon is generally when a … Continue reading

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