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I enjoy exploring interesting concepts in weird languages. I also like hacking on all of the things.

Displaying the current repo in your prompt

I tend to nest repos a lot in my usual workflow (The common elements are generally ~/code/ext/[repo], but with the pull_ext infrastructure I wrote, >5 levels of nesting are not uncommon). To work around this, I wanted my prompt to … Continue reading

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Openbox gets a faux-Divvy mode

Openbox For some time now I’ve used openbox as my WM of choice (I worked it out the other day, it’s about a year since I migrated) and apart from needing to add one feature, it meets my needs pretty … Continue reading

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psych0tik mirrors raspberry pi

Anyone who’s spoken to me in person knows that I’m really excited about the upcoming release of Raspberry PI. I’ll keep the speil to a minimum, but a $35 ARM SoC with ethernet, USB and enough hardware onboard to decode … Continue reading

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Git stashing, and why you do it too much

First of all, this workflow depends entirely on an (rarely un)spoken rule in my repositories- if it’s in the wip/ or trash/ tree, don’t touch it. I’m planning on rebasing with impunity. I stash a lot at work, especially when … Continue reading

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Convert iterm color file to Xdefaults

My favourite colorscheme for vim (Jellybeans.vim recently had a pull request submitted including a colorscheme for iTerm2, a terminal emulator for OSX. Not wanting to go back to OSX after finally getting my encryption key back and being back in … Continue reading

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~/.subversion in svn

I have to do this way more often than I’d like, my home directory lives in svn, and my svn config comprises part of my home directory. The upshot is that subversion likes to make blank data if none already … Continue reading

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