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The IPocalypse has come. But don’t panic… yet.

A meta tutorial of IPv6. Links to all the information you’ll need to adapt to the next generation Internet Protocol. Continue reading

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Crap mp3 players

richo hax up some scripts to populate his crap mp3 player. Continue reading

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Joining the cult: richo’s vimrc

This blog post is about vim. As many of you know, I use vim for everything, day to day work, editing config, in depth programming and a few other things. I’m going to break my vimrc down into chunks and … Continue reading

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Hacking together procmail mail filtering on a shared host

The first thing we did was establish what access we did have, in this case a shell on the machine (jailshell), physical access to the Maildir, and access to a batch job scheduler (cron). This is enough to hack together … Continue reading

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Preserving partitions when adding datastores to ESXi

I was recently building out a new ESXi box and bought a Seagate Barracuda 1.5Tb SATA 2 drive to use as the datastore as well as to backup some data from a laptop who’s hard drive was acting up. The … Continue reading

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