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Grub Embedding, blocklists and bios_grub partitions

This has tripped me up so many times, and the parted invocation needed to fix it is hard to find on google. The issue is that with GPT, grub won’t have room to embed all of it’s needed files, leading … Continue reading

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aptitude forbid-version

A quick one as a note to anyone who stumbles upon a counterintuitive part of aptitude that tripped me up- You can stop aptitude from every installing a version of a package with aptitude forbid-version package=version And the docs mention … Continue reading

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PHP + xdebug

Since starting my new job, I’m increasingly trying to debug what can only be described as an epic clusterfuck of spaghetti php. To make this easier I stumbled upon xdebug, and wouldn’t you know it, one of the best clients … Continue reading

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Mental note on Windows 7 under ESXi 4.0

For the last year or so I’ve been running windows 7 under ESXi and due to a few issues I’ve had to re-install more than once.  Each time I go through the install process I seem to bump into a … Continue reading

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Storm’s downtime and automated ESXi snapshots

I posted to the mailing list last week that Storm was going to be down for a while due to hardware problems.  I’ve fixed the issues and Storm has been running the last few days without any other problems.  From … Continue reading

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titles in GNU screen

I love screen. (Though I am contemplating a migration to tmux, pending hackery) But one thing I /hate/ is having to manually title windows. Enter this hack (Currently only works with zsh afaik, but if you know the name of … Continue reading

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