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aptitude forbid-version

A quick one as a note to anyone who stumbles upon a counterintuitive part of aptitude that tripped me up- You can stop aptitude from every installing a version of a package with aptitude forbid-version package=version And the docs mention … Continue reading

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PHP + xdebug

Since starting my new job, I’m increasingly trying to debug what can only be described as an epic clusterfuck of spaghetti php. To make this easier I stumbled upon xdebug, and wouldn’t you know it, one of the best clients … Continue reading

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Mental note on Windows 7 under ESXi 4.0

For the last year or so I’ve been running windows 7 under ESXi and due to a few issues I’ve had to re-install more than once.  Each time I go through the install process I seem to bump into a … Continue reading

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Storm’s downtime and automated ESXi snapshots

I posted to the mailing list last week that Storm was going to be down for a while due to hardware problems.  I’ve fixed the issues and Storm has been running the last few days without any other problems.  From … Continue reading

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titles in GNU screen

I love screen. (Though I am contemplating a migration to tmux, pending hackery) But one thing I /hate/ is having to manually title windows. Enter this hack (Currently only works with zsh afaik, but if you know the name of … Continue reading

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The IPocalypse has come. But don’t panic… yet.

A meta tutorial of IPv6. Links to all the information you’ll need to adapt to the next generation Internet Protocol. Continue reading

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