Stupid Spammers

Spam is annoying.

Spam trying to avoid spam filters with it’s 1337 5p34k is more annoying.

Idiotic spammers are the worst. I have been receiving spam from myself for quite some time, but only today did I actually think before simply clearing it out. Why would a spammer send me spam from a spoofed address that is mine? Obviously it would help to avoid certain filters, ones looking at allowed or disallowed email addresses. This method of filtration is extremely weak however and any decent spam filter would still block the email. I also verified these emails were infact spoofed and that my account had not been hijacked. They were indeed spoofed emails.

Beyond my confusion for the reasoning of using the rcpt address as the from address was one question: Who would open spam from themselves?

Here is a collection of subject lines I have received… from myself.

  • Try these on the dirtiest surfaces in your home..
  • Get up to 15OO USD by tomorrow..
  • Vl@gra Cl@lis 72.5324% Save
  • dirty teein stripping sincerode

Funny… I don’t remember sending any of these emails to myself.

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