Reading Rainbow: Episode 10

“90% of emails sent are spam” is a statistic found on the following article. With such a large percentage of emails being considered spam protection techniques need to move to proactive, rather than reactive. One method being suggested is tracking the sources and flow of email traffic.

In my continuing search for information pertaining to cyber warfare I have found the following two articles. The first describes why global hackers are so hard to detect and the problems both security related and political this creates. The second article shows that France is making an effort to join the “digital front line.” It explains France’s strategy to get into the cyber warfare game.

This article lists 10 of the most infamous “black hat’s” over the years along with what they are known for doing. Interestingly enough, the fact that they are known shows they are not quite as good as people make them out to be.

With anti-virus software and firewalls on the rise, virus writes have moved to targeting routers. By changing the DNS settings on a router the attacker gains control of all traffic the infected network has access too. Pointing sites to malware ridden pages or conducting man-in-the-middle attacks are only the beginning of this potential.

“Be careful what you say” is something we’ve all heard, but in the current day and age perhaps “be careful what you email” is more relevant. Two Bear Stearns hedge fund managers have been brought up on charges for misleading investors. Part of the evidence are email records proving that these two knew the market was not where they claimed it to be.

MySQL may be partially going closed source thanks to Sun, but IBM is taking DB2 to the open source market. It is not directly going to be put out for all eyes, but according to Chris Livesey it is inevitable that DB2 will end up in the open source world. Read more here:…1694.html?tag=html.alert.hed

For those of you old enough to remember some of Blizzard’s classics: Diablo and Diablo II (and Lord of Destruction), it seems Blizzard is going to be blessing us with Diablo III. So far 2 character classes have been released, the barbarian and the witch doctor.

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