Reading Rainbow: Episode 11

Windows has it’s place in today’s world. Here are some examples of places it is and really shouldn’t be.

Many companies provide their employees with company cell phones. When text messaging is enabled a unique privacy issue develops regarding when the logs may be obtained. Techrepublic’s article explains how legality plays into this issue.

Which browser is most secure? Which is best ‘out of the box’? This article goes through three popular browsers and discusses their security issues and strengths.…E+vs.+Safari+vs.+Firefox.htm

I recently re-discovered this set of web-radio shows and thought I would post the link. They don’t have a huge selection of shows currently, but the 40 or so that are posted are really top notch. I have recently been working through the series on the Linux Boot Process and cannot recommend it highly enough.

Quantum physics applied to security. That’s right. By keeping track of the quantum states of photons researchers have found a way to make a cryptographically secure transmission. Any eaves dropper would alter the current state and would therefor destroy the transmission.…fm?story_id=11703138

Think you know everything there is to know about information security? This quiz is nowhere near comprehensive, but does ask a few interesting questions.…00Q2H0VF&page=5

Net Perspective has recently created a blog section for their developers and designers. As an ex-employee, I recommend keeping up with this set of blogs as these individuals are some of the top in the industry.

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