Reading Rainbow: Episode 12

While working on my web-spider class for an application I was developing, I did some searching for efficiency of spidering algorithms. I came across this comparison of the depth-first versus breadth-first search algorithms.

Using a combination of Javascript and CSS, it is possible to enumerate parts of a user’s history. This site demonstrates this with a “finding your gender” based on which sites you have viewed.…-history-estimate-gender/

The following two links provide a breakdown of file systems based on capabilities (the wikipedia post) and performance (the linuxgazette post.) I’ve been using these lately while re-installing a few machines and have found them to be more than helpful.

Typo-squatting is a well known method of gathering data or presenting spam-sites. This article from TechRepublic gives a few methods for protecting against such a threat.

This is a handy little web application that will generate your .htaccess file to restrict access based on what country the IP address is from.

If you are a programmer anything I like I am, you are constantly trying to find ways to better yourself or keep skills sharp. A friend of mine showed me this set of exercises designed to help keep things fresh.

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  1. Undedaacank says:

    Many of folks talk about this issue but you wrote down really true words!!

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