Reading Rainbow: Episode 8

Restrictive passwords make cracking more difficult by requiring that users use a wider range of characters; however, can restrictive password policies actually decrease time required to crack? This blog goes into the math behind it.

Mozilla has a new campaign to break the world record for number of downloads in 24 hours. They have even gone to allowing people to pledge downloads, to be sure they accomplish their goal. This is an interesting marketing campaign.

In a previous post (America’s Cyber defense or lack there of) I pointed out problems with foreign hackers and our government. Here are two articles as a semi-continuation of the saga.

If you are considering being in the IT field or are looking to hire new IT staff, this article is well worth a read. 30 items that IT staff should know. I don’t agree with all 30, but the list itself is something to be looked at and will help you evaluate yourself or potential staff.

After battling with an .htaccess problem all day long I ended up at this article. It didn’t solve my problem, but is a great source of information on all things .htaccess.

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