Multi-language password cracking libraries

After creating customized password cracking apps for some time, I have finally grown tired of using different alogirthms with no real flexability in them so I have decided to create a library to do this for me. Since I work in a few languages, I will be building these in: Java, C++, Python, and PHP.

The library itself will be a collection of functions used to generate passwords and hashes to be used in cracking or brute forcing. For passwords the library will provide functionality for using dictionary files and generating brute force lists of minimum length n to maximum length m for ASCII x through y. The hashes will include md5 and sha1 built in and I plan to allow custom algorithms to be built for it as a plugin or passed in function, however; that is still in the planing stages.

As soon as I set it up, I will make daily builds available and post that link under this sub-category along with updates. Comments and suggestions are appreciated.

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  1. DarkFoxie says:

    Sounds like you have a good plan, and base so far. Really good idea, look forward to hearing more about it and being kept up to date with it.


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