The return of the Tv-Links

For all those of you out there who morned with me over the loss of, we can now rejoice in its return. Perhaps this isn’t new-news, but it’s news to me and perhaps some of my readers.

Not only is tv-links back, but with new functionality. They’ve added a “search” so that you don’t have to scroll through. (Though ctrl-f always worked for me.)



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3 Responses to The return of the Tv-Links

  1. rhys says:

    There new site is actally TV Links

    the 100% official website

  2. admin says:

    those are two different sites I believe. is the revival of, they have the same format and favicon.

  3. tv links says:

    tv links cc is just a clone of the original one, it isnt actually the REAL one

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