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Storm’s downtime and automated ESXi snapshots

I posted to the mailing list last week that Storm was going to be down for a while due to hardware problems.  I’ve fixed the issues and Storm has been running the last few days without any other problems.  From … Continue reading

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psych0tik: Media whores

A few days ago I setup a twitter account so that you can keep posted with what we’re doing. You can follow us at http://twitter.com/psych0tiknet This post is short: Have a funny picture of a cat.

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brainfuck and insomnia

I couldn’t sleep, so naturally I wrote a brainfuck interpreter. Actually, if you want to get technical I wrote this a while ago. I spent about 2 days on it, and in the end just could not get the bastard … Continue reading

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titles in GNU screen

I love screen. (Though I am contemplating a migration to tmux, pending hackery) But one thing I /hate/ is having to manually title windows. Enter this hack (Currently only works with zsh afaik, but if you know the name of … Continue reading

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Taking back your mobile phone

Remember 10 years ago when you were happy if your phone had the Snake game[0] or a color screen?  Now we’ve got all sorts of smart phones loaded with applications, media and functionality.  Recent news has shown these apps aren’t … Continue reading

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Storm updates and upgrades

Storm has been running for more than a year, working hard hosting the IRC, proxyElite and a GoogleSharing proxy. After all this time, she was well overdue for some updates.  After a month and a half of intermittent downtime Storm … Continue reading

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