Updates to the psych0tik IRC

It’s been nearly a year since we publicly released our IRC and we’re happy to bring you the newest additions to the psych0tik network – Natalya and mudkipz.  These two servers will help fix some of the issues we’ve seen with our current IRC deployment and also augment our resources, so we can begin building out other parts of psych0tik.

We’ve currently taken storm down for maintenance and have shifted her role as the primary node to Natalya.  Once storm is updated and brought back online, she’ll be linked to Natalya, and will join mudkipz as a leaf node.  These three servers will allow users multiple options if latency or location is an issue and Natalya supports IPv6.

You can connect to our IRC via the umbrella domain irc.psych0tik.net, or select a specific server below.  All our servers run on port 6697 and require SSL.

Storm (Texas, USA) – storm.psych0tik.net – Currently down for maintenance

Mudkipz (Ontario, Canada) – mudkipz.psych0tik.net

Natalya (Amsterdam) – natalya.psych0tik.net – IPv6 Supported

~psych0tik staff

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