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As the psych0tik network expands and offers more services, we felt that a more centralized method was needed to cover news and updates across all the projects.  We also wanted to provide more for the growing psych0tik community to interact, rather than just a number of fairly-static applications and an IRC.  To accomplish both goals, we’re introducing a pair of psych0tik mailing lists: psych0tik-news and psych0tik-list.  After looking over our current resources and the available open-source mailing list software, we chose to use GNU Mailman to serve our lists.

psych0tik-news is an announce-only list that the staff will post psych0tik-related information to.  This list will include information on psych0tik releases, updates, and downtime notifications (not spam.)  This is a basic list that we’ll likely only be tweaking the content, rather than the configuration.

psych0tik-list is a moderated list that requires both a validated email and approval by a list moderator (currently psych0tik staffers).  The goal of this list is to be a more persistent method for the psych0tik community to pose questions, brainstorm, and discuss technical topics.  This list is one we’ll almost definitely be experimenting with as time goes on.

You can access both list’s information page to subscribe, make changes to your preferences, or view the archives by following the links below:



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