Reading Rainbow: Episode 5

It seems that even Mozilla cannot escape built in viruses these days. A language pack for FireFox was found to be corrupted with a trojan and was downloaded by users.

After reading a few RFCs this week I have decided that I should setup support for RFC 2549. 2549 is simply a revised version of 1149 with QoS support. In today’s world with bandwidth being more and more of an issue this will help divert some of that traffic. RFC 2549 will also allow my blog and site to be viewable even during a Denial of Service attack. RCF1149 RFC2549

For those of you looking into future careers in the computer world I’m sure the thought has crossed your mind of what really is still relevant and useful for my career. I found this article earlier this week which pointed out a few things that are just rather pointless. If you know them, don’t sweat, its always something extra. Perhaps it’s just not something you want to be putting in bold on your CV or resume.

First hybrid cars, now do-it-yourself gasoline? Not quite, but rather do it yourself fuel. Made by fermenting (yes, as in alcohol) your own fuel at home. The cost is supposedly 1USD / gallon to produce after purchasing the almost 10,000 USD machine. Not too bad in the long run and you get carbon credit coupons to boot.

McAfee’s “Hacker Safe” sites apparently aren’t quite so “hacker safe.” Recently sites classified this way have been found to be vulnerable to Cross Site Scripting. McAfee comments that XSS isn’t a dangerous vulnerability which I believe actually makes their oversite worse. Rather than accepting that they made a mistake, they have shown ignorance for an obviously dangerous vulnerability. In a day an age with so much information stored in databases on websites ANY security hole should be an issue.

AldarHawk has released a new forum for security, programming, networking, and a variety of other computer related topics. The forums are brand new and just getting the first few posts. Be sure to check it out.

So you just ordered a Domino’s pizza and can’t wait for it to get to you. How much longer? This python script that runs at the command line (since GUI is so overrated) will check and let you know what the status of your pizza pie is.

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