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psych0tik IRC downtime and updates

As you may have noticed, the pyshc0tik IRC’s primary domain name no longer points to the correct IP address. On May 29th a reboot of Samurai’s router caused a new dynamic IP to be assigned and resulted in the old … Continue reading

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ESXi 4.0 – Management Methods

Be it at work or at home, I spend a lot of time in virtual environments consisting mostly of ESXi (3.5 and 4.0.) As part of the psych0tic network I run storm.psych0tik.net, an ESXi 4.0 box that’s currently running our IRC as well as the psych0tik GSProxy. Managing these environments is a task in itself, and I’ve found that no one tool gives me all of the functionality that I need. In this post, I go through some free methods I use to manage my ESXi 4.0 host and guests. Continue reading

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psych0tik releases GoogleSharing proxy

A few weeks ago we released a post on staying anonymous online through the use of various configuration changes and Firefox add-ons. One of the Firefox add-ons mentioned was the GoogleSharing proxy add-on. This allows Firefox to reroute unauthenticated requests … Continue reading

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Presenting the psych0tik network…. sort of

And so it begins. We’d like to present to you the beginning of the psych0tik network, a community of security conscious computer experimenters. We say the “beginning” of psych0tik as this isn’t a full release, rather a pre-release and beta. … Continue reading

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A new mindset – A new box

It’s been sometime since I’ve last made a post (like a really long time,) but I’m changing that with this post (obviously) and yet again promising to be more attentive. This time however, the change isn’t simply “more blog posts”, … Continue reading

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