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Hacking together procmail mail filtering on a shared host

The first thing we did was establish what access we did have, in this case a shell on the machine (jailshell), physical access to the Maildir, and access to a batch job scheduler (cron). This is enough to hack together … Continue reading

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Writing IRC bots using ii

I recently read about ii, a file-system based IRC client, over at IRC-Junkie which really sparked my interest.  ii provides a clean interface of FIFOs organized under a directory structure for users to communicate with an IRC network.  After playing … Continue reading

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Odd bugs and the case of an aging database

I was doing some troubleshooting recently trying to fix some issues reported in the Captcha of a registration system. The Captcha wasn’t always properly displaying and wouldn’t recognize valid code entries intermittently. After tracing some of the PHP to find … Continue reading

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The psych0tik network presents: proxyElite

After nearly 3 years of downtime, psych0tik is happy to bring you the new and improved proxyElite! We’ve spent the last few months completely rewriting the core code and redesigning the database to be more stable and reliable. Thusfar, we’ve … Continue reading

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crackIt: aircrack-ng automated

I was playing around with my wireless network early today and realized I didn’t have the key written down near by where I was working. Rather than expending the effort of getting up and moving, I decided I’d just crack … Continue reading

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Reading Rainbow: Episode 12

While working on my web-spider class for an application I was developing, I did some searching for efficiency of spidering algorithms. I came across this comparison of the depth-first versus breadth-first search algorithms. http://www.leekillough.com/trapopt.html Using a combination of Javascript and … Continue reading

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