We’ve brought back the psych0tik radio station, and while it’s currently in a very beta (alpha maybe?) stage… it is up and running.  For now it’s a mix of whatever music we’ve uploaded and is typically being controlled by whichever staffer is listening at the time.

To connect to the stream, simply drop into your (ogg supporting) player.  Tools like iTunes and Firefox don’t seem to support this out of the box, we recommend using VLC for listening.

As the radio progresses, we’re looking to have a slightly more structured schedule with content beyond the music.  Keep tuned (pun intended) for updates.

If you’d like to request a song (given that it’s in our library), chat about the radio, or see what you can do to help out – catch us on #psych0tik on the IRC or send a message to the psych0tk-list mailing list. You can check out our library, what’s playing and what’s coming up by connecting your mpd client to

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