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Another sleeping experiment

I’d like to discard time for a week. This year I’ve decide to embark more on a quest to explore sleep, and the way I experience it personally. It’s something I’ve struggled with as long as I remember, and I … Continue reading

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Psych0tik would like to introduce everyone to our newest node in our IRC network, After frequent network instability we decided to discontinue using Natalya as our IRC hub, followed by Storm coming down temporarily due to changes in Samurai’s … Continue reading

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IRC Infrastructure change

The IRC network will be temporarily running off of while samurai makes some modifications to his infrastructure. The DNS name will be directed to mudkipz on the morning of Tuesday August 21, 2012. This is part of a … Continue reading

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DefCon XX

This year’s DefCon may have been the most anticipated for me yet and it certainly lived up to expectations.  For the last few years, we’ve discussed the possibility of a psych0tik meet-up at DefCon, and with a little bit of … Continue reading

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richo is now richo in one more place

My github username has changed, so if anyone is linking to my repos: 1. Tell me, I can fork the project to richoH to keep the links working for now 2. Fix the link! Just change richoH to richo

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Using Oauth outside of the webapp domain

Recently at work we had a R&D day during which Josh Benham and I worked on a cli interface to github. We knew immediately that we didn’t want to use basic auth, obviously preferring the oauth library which is significantly … Continue reading

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